Monday, July 18, 2011

What a week

Phew.......last week was just slightly crazy.

It was one of those weeks when, no matter what you are doing, everything just keeps going wrong!

Monday began with the 'walk the dogs and end up with poop all over your foot' episode....... in hindsight I probably should have taken that as a sign from some higher power and stayed in bed for the next 6 days!

Tuesday we discovered that the doorbell on our house was no longer working. What was once a pleasant and musical 'ding dong' sound has now turned into a very flat "dunk" noise! Time to buy a new one I think.

Wednesday I was trying to arrange to go to the base to get my will signed........we both have to have wills in place ready for the husbands deployment. Anyways, I couldn't go because Mississippi has some funky law that says you cannot just go sign your will in front of a couple of witnesses. Instead, you have to have a 'will signing ceremony', which are only held on certain days - none of which are my days off work. Really, I am not sure I like the idea of a ceremony to mark the fact that I decided what needs to happen if I end up dead.........sounds a little bit twisted to me!!!!!!

Thursday, I had taken the dogs to the groomers for haircuts. The groomer called me shortly after I dropped them off, to tell me that Millie's feet were badly swollen and red raw and suggested a vet visit! Millie is always biting and gnawing at her feet as she has allergies, but I hadn't noticed how bad they were because of all the fur.......they are really bad, but thankfully my groomer is also a vet technician and said it smells like she has fungus, so we are treating it accordingly and it seems to be improving!

Friday the grinder pump (pump that grinds up all the sewerage from the house then pumps it out to the main sewer line) started making crazy noises. We have had issues with it working in overdrive before and last time is cost $200 dollars. Furthermore, when I went to go look at the well in the yard where the pump is located, there was smoke coming out of the top of it. Thankfully it did not end up being as disasterous as we first thought.......just $40 ensured that we can now flush the toilets again!!!!

Saturday my husband told me that although we just spent $500 in a bid to get his car fixed, it is still vibrating quite a bit in the back end. Hubby's usual solution to car problems is to turn the volume up high on the radio, to block out the noise of the vehicle falling apart around him! He knows very little about how cars work and how dangerous it is to drive a defective vehicle. Me, on the other hand, was well trained by my father (we had a series of very old cars when I was growing up and each had its own unique range of problems......I was daddy's little helper, which in turn taught me a lot about mechanics) so I can pretty much narrow down what a knock, rattle or vibration may me. Had to give hubby strict instructions to go a garage and ask for specific tests to be done..........I am learning that if you don't do this over here, they will replace lots of working parts and leave the defective ones alone!!!

So, yesterday I was very grateful when Sunday had arrived and I could take a day off work. Hubby and I pretty much did nothing all day.......and it suited me just fine! Sometimes you just have to give yourself some breathing space so your head can play 'catch-up' with life!

Today is the start of a whole new week. I am determined that there will be no further breakages in the house, or the cars. Millie's feet will continue to heal. I will actually manage to sleep for at least 6 hours a night. And, there will be no work related issues to contend with......OK maybe that's pushing it a bit.....but I can live in hope, right???

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Kirsten said...

Of course you can live in hope, that is all thats left after all, especially after a week like that!! Hugs x

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