Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Slow day all around

As my time here starts winding down, things seem to start going into slow motion, unless I want them to slow down, in which case time speeds up.

I betcha his day just rocks!  Work it, son...
For instance,
today at work, I really wanted to get through the day, and when I thought about it, time dragged on.  Later, when I wanted to get some outprocessing stuff accomplished, time disappeared.  Poof...gone.  (Why is my spell check saying that "outprocessing" isn't a word? Clearly the English language and the U.S. Air Force need to have a chat...)

Sarah's blog post got listed on a e-zine yesterday (Way to go, babes!).  If I remember, the link to it will be HERE!

What else...ummmmm...oh, I finished my last class today.  It is unlikely I will be teaching another class after this one.  They haven't graduated, they just "took" them from me.  By took, I mean they were returned to their proper instructor and I no longer get to be the substitute teacher.  You should have seen their faces this afternoon...they looked sooooo sad. (Why have you abandoned us, Sgt Allen?  We can do better, we promise!!)  Poor folks, I miss them.

Technorati has been paying us well, and then the page views kind of dried up.  I suppose like other sites, it is either feast or famine. Or drought and monsoon.  Speaking of monsoons, we went from being in an "extreme drought" (official wording) to 8 inches of rain in two days.  Are we still in a drought?  Yep.  Rainfall is still way below normal.

All that means is that evil torpedo grass will grow back.  The devil weed...DIE DEVIL WEED!

Alrighty, then...

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