Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I want to be funny

I want to make a really awesomely funny post, but nothing is coming to mind.

Knock, Knock..
Who's there?
To who?

To whom, surely
-stolen from Stephen Fry, from the show QI (Quite Interesting)

Q: How do you make gold soup?
A: With 24 carrots
- I read that in a book when I was in 1st grade...I didn't even get it then, but it stuck in my head all these years

If you really want to watch something enjoyable, go over and watch the TV show QI with host Stephen Fry.  I have found a huge number of the episodes, for free, on  It is really a great show.  One day, if I ever become a writer worth reading, or a humorist worth laughing at, I would aspire to be a panelist on the show.  I've watched several of his other programs, a good second was Stephen Fry in America.  Before Sarah and I moved to Mississippi, we watched the episodes, hoping Sarah would get a feel for the U.S.  Great show, but it didn't motivate Sarah to move.

So how did I convince Sarah to move to South Mississippi?  Sarah gave me her requirements:  Warm, Sunny, somewhere that we can own a house, we have to get dogs, and there must be a beach.  My response, "Mississippi has a beach right near the air base..."  I suppose I could have elaborated by saying the water was brown, the people lead the nation in poverty and obesity, and they have some of the highest high school drop-out rates and teen pregnancy...but why spoil a good thing, right?  She's been beating me ever since.


Mark and Amy said...


jody said...

i love QI been watching it for a couple of years, but never knew what QI actually stood for, haha. 1st grade!! you are going all american on us. xx

jody said...

lol. sorry Donald thought sarah had written this, that will teach me to not comment till i have finished reading, :)

Donald Allen said...

@Jody I was thinking "but I am an American..."

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