Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Voluntary Deployment: "ARE YOU FRIGGIN CRAZY??"

I only just realized that the month of June has already disappeared and been replaced with July.
Where does the time go??? For me, this means that it is now less than 5 weeks until my husband packs his bags and disappears off to some unknown destination to fight a war. He will be gone for 7 months.
I was talking about this at work to a fellow military spouse just the other day.
"It totally sucks when the deployment list appears, seemingly from nowhere, and your husbands name is on it" she says.
"My husbands name wasn't on it" I reply. "We kinda volunteered him to go"
"You volunteered for deployment.......ARE YOU FRIGGIN CRAZY!!!......HE COULD GET KILLED!!!!"
True! He may be killed, seriously injured, or end up with a severe case of PTSD. This may sound a little far fetched to any civillians reading this, but in the Military world, this is real life. It's a risky business.
However, we did not agree to this because my husband has a secret death wish, or because I have some underlying desire to have him brutally maimed or injured. No. Initially we agreed on this because when the list for came out, the name of one of our friends was on it. The friend in question has a wife and three children and was due to move to a different base right in the middle of his deployment. This means his wife would have been left to deal with life in general, the three kids and a house move all on her own.
Us, on the other hand, have no children and no plans to move house just yet. Also, when deployed, the husbands pay goes up and everything he earns is tax free. We need the money for the adoption.
So there it is. We volunteered to help someone else out and to assist us in creating a family of our own.
In true military fashion though, things haven't quite gone to plan. Although the hubby's deployment is going ahead, the friend's deployment did not get cancelled. The wife still got left to cope on her own. (sorry chick.....thinking of you, let me know if you need anything xxx)
Anyway, the decision was made and the clock is now ticking. Maybe it is a little crazy, but I am immensely proud of my husband for doing this and I hope and pray that this does not backfire on us and he comes home in one piece. It's kinda exciting to think that when he returns, we will have saved almost all of the money we need to adopt. Can't wait......


Kirsten said...

Please take care Don, please. x

Anonymous said...

keep safe thinking of u both kelly xx

Anonymous said...

Stay safe.

Donald Allen said...

No worries, can do!

Anonymous said...

good luck to you both love Ali x

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