Thursday, July 7, 2011

So Many Adoption Blogs...oh look, that's shiny

You ever try to start doing something, and then suddenly feel out of your depths. You know, like that time you thought it might be a good idea to take apart the (insert electrical appliance) only to think, "Why the F did I do that?"

Not really saying this is the same thing, but I've taken to perusing the other adoption blogs. Not so much to steal ideas, but to just steal, not that, to get a sense for what works and what doesn't. Here's what I learned:

1) Not many guys blogging about it. I get it, you know, the masculinity thing, but if the prevalence is so high, you would think that more people would be like, "Ah, it's not a manhood thing, it's the water. Damn fluoridated water. Good for teeth, not for semen." Ahem...get your mind out of the gutter.

2) Lots of partners referred to by just the first letter of their name. I think it's a privacy thing, which is, you know, fair enough. I know my reaction to our infertility isn't normal, nor have I been blessed to be normal, but I get by. With a little help from my friends (it's a song, and it's funnier if you're singing the song while reading this).

3) There is a craptastic amount of lingo. Sarah even made me feel guilty for not knowing it. I was like, "Hey, babes, what's BFN?" A kindly asked question, with even a slight, affectionate pet-name. Her response: "Why weren't you reading these blogs with me when we were doing IVF and ICSI? Or when we did the IUI?" know, that castle in that game I was playing ain't going to storm itself. Word of advice, that is never a good excuse and you tend to pay excessively when you use it. Someone should write these things down.

4) Seriously, there's alot of lingo. BFN means "Big Fat Negative" in reference to a prego test. I got the F part wrong. BFP means "Big Fat Positive," but I still got the F wrong. TTC means "trying to conceive." Giggity...heh heh...giggity. Oh, and then there's FML, which means "F--- my life." I got the F right on that one. And then there's AF...a dreaded word for men and for those trying to conceive. It means "Auntie Flow," you know...think about it for a minute. It's ok, I had to as well

5) Everyone is way too comfortable talking about their bodily functions than normal society. At least I fit in well there. If you need proof check out these two stories. Oh, and there will be more to come...giggity (sorry about that one, it was gross, I know). But seriously, if you got a bunch of us on an overnight train, the conversations would likely make doctors blush. Sad, but funny and true, so that makes it ok.

6) Mostly just one person doing the blogging. I have to say, this blog has brought Sarah and I so much closer to each other. It's been really cool. It's also brought us closer with our friends, also very cool. BTW, if I had said it a thousand times today, thank you for supporting us. Oh, and Chadwick, thank you, also very cool of you.

7) We're kind of in the middle of all the blogs I saw. I saw some that were folks still trying to conceive, I mean finding TTC. Gotta learn that lingo somehow. Other blogs were about after or during the adoption process. We're done with the IVF/IUI and stuff, and we're back to the old fashion way of trying to find TTC. (I don't think I used it right there, but I think you know what I'm getting at.) We know we are going to adopt, and we've already picked an agency, but it has to wait until after my deployment. Kind of like a waiting period to buy a gun, except slightly more destructive, I think...the child's destructive, not the waiting. Waiting just sucks, but being in the military, I'm kind of used to it. HURRY UP...and wait.

Comment if you can...oh and visit some of the other blogs. These two are the favorites I picked out in my most recent journey across the internet. Army wife's blog here and a construction manager's blog here. Good blogs, they seem friendly enough, too!

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