Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fireworks galore tonight in Mississippi

I asked Sarah if she wanted to go watch the fireworks on the beach. "No," she grumbled, "we need to get the yard done."

To be fair, we have been weeding out our front garden area for just over a week, except yesterday, when I demanded the night off (and Sarah had to work late). We have just 10 feet left, and it will be done.

I can't say I blame her, though. Fighting the crowds on the beach after working all day doesn't sound like fun tome either. Neither does finishing the garden, though. That said, we will be able to see most of the fireworks in town and the neighborhood from our backyard. I just hope no one sets a fire like they have been recently. I even wrote an article on Yahoo! about it. If you feel so inclined, you can read here.

Well, I made a half-ass peach cobbler and the alarms is going off, I better go check to make sure I didn't start a fire...

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Kirsten said...

Fireworks are excellent from afar.... and when you don't have to be elbowed to see them!!

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