Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dang, Look at the Time

I was asleep. Not lightly asleep, or dozing, but out like a light. Fighter jets could have screamed over, and I might have rolled over. Something though, caused me to come to.

I glanced over at the clock, and it said 6:50...well, it actually says 0650 because everything I have is in military time, but that's another story. I turned my head away from the clock and Sarah was still in bed. "Baby," I said, "Don't you need to be at work soon?"

She was like a bolt of lightning after that. Occasionally she would mutter "bullocks" as she scrambled about. Not really sure why I found it funny, but she definitely did not. She works at a large, pet-supply, retail chain, and I think she was supposed to be there at 0700.

As she ran around, I made her coffee in a big to-go coffee Thermos, cup thing. Is there a name for those cups? Like travel mug or gigantor coffee cup? I'm not a coffee person, I just drink my Monster Energy Drink. I think it's an addiction, and Sarah would definitely agree. On the plus side, at least I'm not the one late for work!!

Love you, Sarah...don't hate on me in the comments!


Donald Allen said...

It's 0800 and Sarah's alarm clock just went off. Faaan-tastic!

Kirsten said...

I hate watching people who are late.... my ex used to be real narky if anyone got in his way if he was even only 5 mins late. Never stopped him spending 15 mins 'doing' his hair though!!!

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