Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Comedy of Errors...and Trials

Today started off like most weekend days...groggy.

Sarah was in a huff, running around the house like a crazy woman.  It isn't abnormal for her; she is like this most days that she works.  And this day just fits in with the others.

I don't think that she is like this most days, though.  I think it only happens on the days where I am off work and she has to work.  I've seen her make this run countless times.  She darts from the kitchen, complaining about her schedule while carrying recyclables out the front door and, as she runs past me, she comments on how lazy I am.  As she continues in her mania, she rattles off a list of tasks that I should complete.  In my grogginess, I grunt.  I think I may have scratched myself a few times, for effect, of course.

In my head, I'm doing my best to remember all of the things she wants me to do, but I give up after the third item.  I then try to repeat what she says, in my head, because the first law of learning is "Students remember what they see/hear most often."  I must be a crappy student.

I decided to watch a show on Netflix, thinking Sarah might divert her attention to something other than me, but I didn't have that sort of luck.  "What is your plan for today?" she demanded.
"Ummmm..." was my response.  (Scratch, scratch)

This did not make Sarah...ummm...pleased, I think is a good word.  So as I watched her face flush to a brilliant crimson, I really tried hard not to laugh.  I don't even know why it came out, but it did.

"Babes?" I pleaded as she stormed off to the garage.  I thought to myself, should I even follow her, she's only going to be pissy, but if I don't, she'll stay pissy.  Not a good way to start the day.  So off I trotted, thinking desperately about what I should say.
This is not me!

When I walked into the garage, my stomach twisted.  I don't know why, but it made me burp.  It was a quiet burp, I promise.  "YOU ARE SUCH A PIG," she declared, but she slightly smirked.  I think I have an in...

And that's how it went.  Sarah eventually cheered up, but it was temporary.  Her work takes a toll on her, and I feel so bad for her because of it.  I got several tasks done, based on what I could remember, but I think I missed a few.  Sarah will be home soon, and she'll be kind enough to remind of which ones I forgot.  Maybe I can pretend to be busy writing a blog post...


Sarah said...


Jo said...

Have you tried asking for a list? That's the only way my hubby can get anything done! :-)

Donald Allen said...

Yeah, and I sometimes get one. My job revolves around checklists, and it drives Sarah mad!

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