Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Finally....the yard is almost done!

Today we finally got to the finishing stages of our yard project! YIPPEEE!!!

We had started discussing doing something with the front of our house several months ago, but my husband (bless him!) is not exactly what you would call a 'hands on' person when it comes to tasks that involve physical effort. (Sorry babe......but we both know it's true!)

Usually, when it comes to such tasks, I have to gently touch on an idea in general conversation. Then I wait until he processes the idea, expands on it, then approaches me with the idea as if it were his own. Once it becomes his idea, it is a 'good' idea and work can begin. (Other methods involve nagging him until he gives in to my demands, but then I have to cope with him sulking for a week or so, lol!!)

So, it has taken a long time to plan, but work began about 5 weeks back when we were both off work.

Our front yard was a complete mess. We have what is known as
'torpedo grass' in the front, which grows so fast both above and below ground, that it will kill your lawn and strangle the life out of all your plants. The flower beds were almost taken over by the stuff when we eventually started digging, and the roots were between one and two feet below ground.

Don't get me wrong.....I love doing yard
work normally. But the temperatures here are so
high in the summer, that physical labour (labor) becomes a real challenge.

Still, for 7 days straight, hubby and I were out front toiling away in the Mississippi sunshine. Then when we returned to work, we have been doing as much as we can in between working hours, the crises that keep occurring and the
endless pre-deployment meetings on the base.

It seems to have taken forever. But finally, aside from repainting the flag pole and

replacing the flag (will be putting an American one up this time as someone stole my British flag last year!) and re-aligning some of the border stones, we are just about finished!

I am so proud of my hubby's efforts on this project......he usually loses interest after
a couple of days, so it's a miracle it got done at all!!!

Now for the next project..........

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Kirsten said...

It look brilliant, nice work. x

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