Monday, August 8, 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

Someone please hit the 'pause' button

Can't believe another week appears to have disappeared on me!!

Seriously, someone really does need to hit that 'pause' button and make everything stop!

This week began with the continuing saga of the flooded car. The insurance company told us on Monday, that the car would be ready that afternoon and to take the hire car back. So we dutifully dropped it off that morning, leaving hubby to ferry me to and from work. I had to work til 10pm that day, so had planned to pick my car up during my lunch break. However, the manager who was meant to cover my lunch break called out sick, so no break and no car!

When I finished work that night, I realized that the company repairing the car had not called, so I contacted them Tuesday morning, only to be told it still wasn't ready! Not only that, but they were supposed to replace my damaged windscreen (windshield) at the same time as putting right the flood damage, but had forgot, so it was going to be a few more days! (I should've known!)

Monday night my brother in law also showed up to spend some quality time with the hubby before his deployment. He could only stay a few days and I feel really bad because the entire time he was here we were travelling to and from the base attending pre-deployment meetings. We were super busy for the majority of the time he was here and I'm pretty certain that he found the whole process pretty tedious.......I know I certainly did!

So, brother in law left yesterday leaving me with a sad and sulky husband to deal with. Don loves spending time with his family, but being Military, we always end up living so far away from them. Reunions are few and far between and never seem to last long enough. Saying 'goodbye' sometimes seems to get harder each time, rather than easier.

Today is also the husbands birthday. (Happy Birthday Babe....I love you!!). He should have been able to kick back and relax, but instead we spent most of the day running errands. We have just about got everything done.....even got to pick my car up this afternoon....but we are both too exhausted to enjoy the few hours of free time we have left.

Highlight of the day (and week) has to be the hubby's birthday cake. This is probably the only tradition we actually stick to with any level of consistency and I always enjoy trying to get some a little different.

So this year, after my husband wrote a blog entry about me referring to him
as a "pig", I had a little brain wave...........yep, sure enough.........this was the cake:

LOL!!!! I love it........the only thing that was missing was the words "oink, oink, oink" from round the bottom!
Of course, in true 'piggy' fashion, hubby has already managed to devour a very large chunk of it!!

Anyways....that's enough from me today. Have to be up for work at 4 am, so already way past my bedtime......

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Finally....the yard is almost done!

Today we finally got to the finishing stages of our yard project! YIPPEEE!!!

We had started discussing doing something with the front of our house several months ago, but my husband (bless him!) is not exactly what you would call a 'hands on' person when it comes to tasks that involve physical effort. (Sorry babe......but we both know it's true!)

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